PANIL’s Quarterly NCPC Meeting
The April 14th meeting will begin with our quarterly Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council session with the police officer serving our Beat 9X now.

Here is some background about NCPCs: as part of the larger community policing design, Oakland has Neighborhood Councils, called Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs) “made up of Oakland residents working in partnership with the Oakland Police Department to address ongoing problems in their neighborhoods,”  as they are described on their website page. PANIL serves as that neighborhood council for our area. Each NCPC has a Neighborhood Services Coordinator; PANIL’s is ,Brenda Ivey. To carry out our role in this partnership with the City, PANIL devotes a portion of PANIL meetings once every quarter to reviewing the crime statistics in our area and discussing our questions and concerns with the police officer who is our Community Resource Officer.