Next PANIL meeting: Wednesday, 7/8/2016

7:30pm Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council with Brenda Ivey, Neighborhood Services Coordinator, and Officer Tuitama Pollard, our Community Police Officer.

8:00 pm 8:00 pm Soda Tax measure on the November ballot, with Vice-Mayor Annie Campbell Washington (opposition speaker to be confirmed)

Your questions and concerns welcomed.

Piedmont Gardens
110 41st Street
11th Floor
Sky Room

The Piedmont Avenue Neighborhood Improvement League (PANIL)  is an association of residents in Oakland founded in 1974, with six Steering Committee members and nine standing committees. [See contacts page.]

PANIL  keeps residents informed about life in this neighborhood as well as matters related to City government and City services.

PANIL  is supported by member dues (minimum $15/year), by advertising in  PANIL Notes, and by fund raising events held throughout the year.

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Help protect our neighborhood!

Unsightly telecom poles & cabinets are proposed for our busy sidewalks!

Crown Castle, working for Verizon, proposes to install six poles along Piedmont Avenue. Other carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc) are expected to follow, so this project will set a critical precedent for standards city-wide. Your input is needed in 3 ways:

1. Attend the Planning Commission hearing on Wednesday, April 6. Your presence is important, even if you do not speak.
2. Sign the online petition [here].
3. Write your own e-mail comments to Case Planner Jason Madani at (For in-depth discussion of the issues, [click here]).

State and federal laws allow the pole owner to control the appearance of equipment later placed on the poles after the initial installations are approved. Thus, the City can approve a somewhat intrusive installation on a privately owned pole but then soon wind up with a blatantly offensive installation such as seen on Moraga, near the intersection with Ramona. PANIL advocates that:
  • Oakland own the poles, as San Francisco does and Piedmont will, to maintain control of future changes.
  • All equipment must be mounted on the poles, not on the sidewalk, to reduce sidewalk obstruction.
  • Designs must be minimally intrusive in appearance.
  • No noisy fans: use passive cooling of equipment.
Unfortunately, existing laws forbid decisions being made based upon health concerns related to radiation.

Click here for the drawings submitted by Crown Castle to the City of Oakland »

PANIL Piedmont Avenue Neighborhood Improvement League
For further information: or Valerie Winemiller 510 653-4552


Safeway Redevelopment Project

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